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The Ascension Centre for Contemplation and Reconciliation

Journey of Hope pilgrim Phillip Johnson launches a new centre for contemplation and reconciliation in Malvern.

One of the core problems in most training about dealing effectively with conflict – is that it isn’t training, its education. In the sense that it is telling you about conflict and about how you should deal with it. Most courses only have a practical component of around 11%.

The Ascension Centre for Contemplation and Reconciliation is rewriting this balance. The team has a vision for practical reconciliation, applying the latest experiential learning strategies and research in applied neuroscience to equip Church and community leaders to deal with real-world conflict situations. At the Ascension Centre, every course is over 90% practical.

Currently in the pre-launch stage, the vision for the Ascension Centre has been nurtured by the Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh for the past few years and the Centre is preparing to officially open in 2020.

The Centre will provide a space to explore Contemplative Practices alongside workshops in Christian Meditation, Church Conflict, and Dealing with Difficult People. For the remainder of 2020 they will be testing these workshops with a variety of groups, so there are some fantastic opportunities available at significantly reduced prices. If you are interested in participating in the development of an upcoming reconciliation centre, take a look at their forthcoming events – particularly the forthcoming webinar on Conflict and Neuroscience.

The Ascension Centre team are currently in the process of transforming their building and website, and there are lots of exciting developments to come. Sign up to the email newsletter to join a community of reconcilers exploring the latest developments in neuroscience and conflict transformation, and how we can all apply these to our contexts and relationships.

For more information on the development of the Ascension Centre and the courses available, why not get in touch? - courses@theascensioncentre.church

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