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Our Reconcilers (1)

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

We are so excited to introduce you to our reconcilers, a group of twenty-one people who are doing fantastic work in their communities and are passionately committed to the cause of reconciliation.

Wendy May Jacobs

Curate in the Parish of Holy Trinity with St Columba

Wendy May is a brand new curate in the Church of England with a special interest in restorative justice.

Ruwani Gunawardene

Inter-Cultural Reconciler, working for the Diocese of London

Ruwani longs to see cultural integration in the church and is passionate about multi-cultural and inter-cultural worship. She believes that there is great benefit in inter-cultural peacebuilding work and is delighted to be part of the Journey of Hope pilgrimage.

Phillip Johnson

Vicar of Malvern Link with Cowleigh

Phillip is the vicar of Malvern Link with Cowleigh, comprising of dedicated worship spaces, an arts centre and place of hearing/healing.

Martin Anderson

Priest-in-Charge at St Mary's, Norton

Martin is a vicar in the diocese of Durham. He is passionate about the gifts of young people in transforming society, and is engaged in social justice.

Karen Sethuraman

Pastor of the Down Community and SoulSpace

Karen is the Pastor of the Down Community/SoulSpace, based in Belfast. Their heart is to provide a space for people who feel they ‘don’t fit’ in Church.

Kieran Bohan

Coordinator of the Open Table Network

Kieran is the Coordinator of the Open Table Network of ecumenical worship communities for LGBT Christians and all who seek an inclusive church. He is also Chaplain for YMCA Liverpool and YMCA St Helen’s.

Ish Lennox

Based at St John the Evangelist's in London

Ish lives in London. She is a community activist and a woman of prayer.

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