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Mash Mondays

Georgia May tells the story about how during her last year at Durham university, her and her housemates came up with an idea to live out their shared value of hospitality in a healthy way. They decided that every Monday night, they would cook enough sausages and mash potatoes to feed a group of people, and then throughout the day each housemate had to invite people to join them that evening. There was only one rule: they couldn't invite anyone that they considered a friend, it had to be someone they didn't know very well. Designating a day of the week for an open house in that way not only helped them to extend sacrificial hospitality, but create boundaries around their shared space for the rest of the week.

Georgia May opens the gates of Rose Castle

That same value has carried over into the work of the Rose Castle Foundation: a lifestyle of radical hospitality that also encourages self-care. Georgia knows that conflict transformation can be demanding; being in a position of listening to and engaging in various traumas, it is vital for peacebuilders and reconcilers to do their own inner work.

That is why so much of what the Rose Castle Foundation does focuses on reconciler development. They have a vision to equip a generation of reconcilers by facilitating encounters across deep divides and unlocking the potential to reconcile. Their experience is vast: from training emerging Muslim and Christian peacebuilders in the UK, to working with persecuted Christians in Pakistan and Egypt, to hosting inter-faith scriptural reasoning around a table at Rose Castle itself.

One of Georgia's favourite rooms in the castle to facilitate dialogue in, with a Grade I listed hand painted Chinese silk wallpaper

Participants that attend our Journey of Hope fully funded training will have the opportunity to visit Rose Castle and learn from the foundation's programme facilitators. It will be a 2 day retreat focused around how to practice reconciliation as a lifestyle, how to develop reconcilers, how to curate a space that can hold conflict and disagreement well, studying hospitality through the story of Abraham, using scriptural reasoning as a tool for interfaith dialogue, and of course learning the tools of self-care.

And if you're lucky, you just might be invited to a dinner of sausage and mash.

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