Our Alumni


Journey of Hope 2019 participants

Intercultural reconciliation in the church through worship and community building. 

Peacemaking through reconciling people & communities to each other through mediation, coaching & conflict skills

Oana Marian


Peacemaking by compassionately reconciling people to their emotions about ecological & other crises 

Peacemaking through reconciling churches to communities through cutting-edge research and insights into behavior change and effective communication.

Cath Holywell


Reconciling misfits, outcasts (of all ages) and young homeless people to themselves, each other, family and God through co creating and participation within ‘The Journey Community’. 

David Gould


Reconciling leaders of different faiths to each other through intentional friendship and community building. 

 Reconciling the church with those for whom the church has not been a safe place, through provoking & promoting an inclusive theology and practice.

Josh Askwith


Reconciling Christian congregations through creating communities of learning, faith and hope

Jess Foster


Reconciling faith communities through education and intentional friendship

Jo Calladine


Reconciling prisoners through chaplaincy and interfaith conversations

Martin Anderson


Reconciling young people to themselves through mentoring and spiritual development 

Community conflict reconciliation through the Down Community in Belfast

Kieran Bohan


Reconciling LGBTQIA+ Christians and mainstream Church through the Open Table Network, a partnership of affirming Christian worship communities

Lucie Lunn


Peace & Reconciliation in the local church 

Paul Jeffrey


Personal reconciliation through prayer and contemplation in Belfast


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